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At Global Flight Training Solutions, our primary objective is to ensure that each client experiences an exceptional flying journey. Following a personalized consultation, we craft a tailor-made training program designed to align with your specific goals, schedule, and desires.

Whether you’re seeking an intensive crash course program or a comprehensive multi-month professional course, Global Flight Training Solutions is dedicated to meeting your individual aspirations..

We provide all the advantages of a large flight school without the universal fit programs or long processes..

There are also opportunities to make approaches and landings at various International Aiports while also flying in International Airspace . This promotes increased Communication skills and tactical and spacial awareness.

Our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service and the high quality training programs makes Global Flight Training Solutions one of best FAA approved Part 141 schools to conduct your training..

Pilot Refresher Course

This is a FAR 141 course consisting of 6 hours of dual flight instruction and 4 hours of ground. This course is dedicated to sharpening a pilots skills in maneuvering flight, instrument conditions, and emergencies. Excellent for flight reviews as well!

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Private Pilot License

PPL certificate or pilot’s license, you’ll need to learn basic flight methods, aircraft maneuvers, navigation, flight planning and emergency training. Once you have this certification, you are legally allowed to fly a plane. Pilots earning this certificate learn to fly small aircraft on their own.

Instrument Rating

Flying for an airline requires reading and using instruments. Once you earn a basic pilot certificate, you’ll need to train to use sophisticated instruments that guide a plane through different weather conditions and altitudes. This certification also teaches pilots to interact with air traffic control and the National Airspace System.

Commercial Pilot License

commercial pilot license allows pilots to fly goods or people to earn money. Once a pilot has this designation, they can take jobs in search and rescue, passenger flights (such as tourism or corporate) and cargo deliveries. Under this category, a pilot takes additional training to obtain ratings for each class of airplane they want to fly. For example, they can add a multi-engine rating to their single-engine commercial pilotcertificate.

Flight Instructor Certificate

In order to gain experience and flight hours, many pilots choose to become flight instructors. Pilots can earn a wage and log hours at the same time. Most airlines require a minimum of flight hours before you can even apply to be a first officer. Working as a flight instructor is a recommended way of quickly accumulating the flight hours and experience you need to work as an airline pilot.

Multi-engine Rating

In order to fly the planes used by passenger airlines, pilots are required to earn an additional rating to their commercial license. Pilots must prove that they are able to fly large planes with multiple engines. Training for this certification involves learning what to do in the case of a single-engine failure and handling these large planes in all areas of flight.

Gaining experience and Hours

To become an airline pilot, you have to log a lot of hours in the air. The minimum number of total flight hours required by the FAA is 1,500.
The standard initial Flight Training Hours required by EASA is 250.
 Students can achieve these numbers by flying solo / PIC ,flight instruction and working as a commercial pilot.

The modular route for commercial pilots


  • Reduced cost, and therefore less burden of debt – generally 25% more training time at, typically, 70% of the cost
  • Flexibility in training choices
  • Staged payments throughout the training sequence
  • A choice of high-quality flight schools
  • The ability to work whilst qualifying

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