Hour Building

For All Students

Hours in a pilot’s logbook is the most important commodity when beginning the path to an aviation career. Hiring managers look first at quantity to verify employment eligibility, but being competitive requires having quality experience and valuable experience.
At GFTS we put value into Hour Building. We encourage task based flying ensuring the student increases both their skill base and learning capacity.

With a sunny climate and no ancillary costs GFTS is an ideal environment to expand knowledge and increase the core skills of aircraft handling.
Our industry first ‘Airline Compatible Roster Program’ provides structured flying and prepares the student for an Airline environment. This promotes adequate preparation for each flight and comprehensive debriefing afterwards.

Florida weather means that pilots can fly almost every day, and pilots can enjoy the views of the Treasure Coast, the Space Coast, the Gulf Coast and the Florida Keys whilst building flight time.

There are also opportunities to make approaches and landings at various International Aiports while also flying in International Airspace . This promotes increased Communication skills and tactical and spacial awareness.

Long cross country flights can also be flown out of state into Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana for those who wish to venture to further airfields.

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