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Enhancing Your Career in Aviation with Strategic Time Building at GFTS

At GFTS, we understand that accumulating hours in your pilot’s logbook is crucial when starting your aviation career. Hiring managers often prioritize the quantity of flight hours to determine employment eligibility, yet standing out in the competitive field of aviation requires not just quantity but quality and valuable experience. This is why we emphasize the importance of Time Building in our flight school programs.

Flight School: Optimized Training Environment

GFTS offers an environment designed to maximize your Time Building efforts. Our task-based flying approach ensures that each student not only expands their flight hours but also enhances their skills and learning capacity. Situated in a region blessed with sunny weather and devoid of ancillary costs, our flight school provides an ideal setting for students to deepen their knowledge and refine core aircraft handling skills.

Professional Pilot Training: Airline Compatible Roster Program

Our pioneering ‘Airline Compatible Roster Program’ is crafted to simulate a real airline environment. It offers structured flying schedules that prepare students meticulously, ensuring they are well-prepared for each flight and benefit from detailed debriefings afterward.

Flight Hours: Advantages of Florida’s Weather

The benefit of Florida’s weather cannot be overstated, allowing pilots to fly nearly every day over scenic views such as the Treasure Coast, Space Coast, Gulf Coast, and the Florida Keys. This frequent flying aids substantially in building flight time efficiently.

Hour Building: International and Cross-Country Flight Experience

Moreover, our students gain the opportunity to approach and land at various international airports and navigate through international airspace, enhancing their communication skills and spatial awareness.

For those looking to extend their horizons, long cross-country flights are possible to states like Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana, providing further diverse flying experiences and Hour Building opportunities.

At GFTS, we are committed to providing Professional Pilot Training that not only meets but exceeds the standards of the aviation industry, ensuring our graduates are not only eligible but highly competitive in the job market.

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Frequently Asked Question

Time Building is a crucial process where pilots log flight hours to meet licensing requirements, gaining valuable experience

Global Flight Training Solutions is located at 151 Airpark Blvd, Immokalee, FL 34142, United States, offering a prime location for flight training.

Time Building packages provide structured flight hours at reduced costs, essential for gaining experience and advancing piloting skills

Enrollment requires a medical certificate, successful completion of the FAA Knowledge Exam, and proficiency in English

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